Stand up for your values with your wedding gown, with Silviyana, your wedding gown will represent who you are - your personality and your values.

Our organic wedding gowns are made using pineapple leaf fiber and recycled Mulberry silk. Our eco fabrics are hand-woven by women entrepreneurs in the Philippines. The pineapple fabric, known as the ‘Queen of all fabrics’ were used as gifts to royals in the Philippines. No electricity or chemicals are used in the curating of the pineapple leaf fibers. We only used the finest spun Mulberry silk in all of our blends.

What is Spun Silk?
Spun silk is basically waste silk (aka “recycled silk”). Spun silk is made from short lengths obtained from damaged cocoons that are broken off during processing. The short length spun silk are then twisted together to make yarn.

Wedding gowns designed by independent designers, ethically sourced guaranteed.

We have partnered with independent wedding designers to design your wedding gown. These designers are rebels that try to push the needle on creativity just a little further. They think outside the box and by purchasing your wedding gown from Silviyana, you are helping designers achieve their dream.