Our mission

"inspire and research the creation of eco and good products, and elevate the good consumer in us all."

Our story

It started with a strong desire to help women weavers find a sustainable income for the beautiful and intricately hand-woven pineapple and banana fiber-based fabrics that are made in the Philippines. This eco fabric inspired collaborations with other independent designers to create one-of-a-kind and eco-conscious wedding dress collections. Silviyana was born. Silviyana started as a flagship store in the heart of San Jose, California and showcased beautiful designs made using eco fabrics that are pineapple and banana-derived, made by independent designers from all over the world. It garnered a lot of attention, but in the end, we did not want to just be another bridal boutique. It felt odd to be running an eco-indie bridal boutique and adding a huge mark-up to our eco wedding gowns. We thought, there must be a better way. 

We packed up our 1040 Park Avenue home and moved to the online space. In this space, we feel that we are investing and growing in the right areas that will maximize our positive impact to our partner weavers, fiber scrappers, fiber knotters, independent designers, seamstress and embroiderers. We feel that we are able to share the gift of our eco and good products, so that it is more financially accessible to brides. We are also able to put more of our capital in the right areas, such as in investing back to our partner communities and the environment that they live in.


Let us take you down memory lane...

The future

Silviyana is radicalizing the wedding industry by being fully transparent with how our eco and good products are made. Sustainability is not just our motto, we breathe and live it. From the materials to the design of your wedding gown, we think of your future daughters and granddaughters. Your marriage is a mark in the family tree, and your dress will stand as a timeless statement that your future generations can admire and potentially even wear. 

Your wedding gown will be a timeless piece that will stay true to your values for a more just and eco-conscious world. Join us in taking that stand.