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Say “I do” with eco and ethical handmade rings

Dear Brides,

Are you looking for a ring that says more? We found a Canadian company that specializes in ethically sourced and eco wedding bands and engagement rings. Erynn puts so much attention behind her process and her supply chain that we had to just interview her and share her story with you!

Bobbi’s Jeweller is a Canadian family-run business. They hand-make beautiful 100% recycled ethically sourced gold and silver wedding bands, alternative engagement rings and one of a kind designs.

We connected with Erynn to learn more about her business and her process.

1) What’s your mission and values at Bobbi’s Jeweller? How do you achieve the goal of sustainability in your business?

I am extremely passionate about ethical standards in the jewellery industry this is reflected in my business as I strive to offer the most ethical jewellery possible. I source my precious metals from a refinery that shares a similar vision so much so that they are 100% recycled and have been certified to show there continued efforts to maintain an ethical practice.
I practice full disclosure when working with gemstones and share as much as I can regarding treatments and origin in the description of my gemstone jewellery. I have made the shift to ethically sourced gemstones and have been adding them to my designs.

Canadian 100% ethically sourced white sapphire against the backdrop of Canadian winter (gorgeousness!)

2) What was the inspiration behind Bobbi’s Jeweller?

I started my career apprenticing at a local jewellery store as a gold smith. My desire to create jewellery symbolizing love was the drive behind creating Bobbi’s Jeweller. I absolutely love the idea of creating that special wedding band that says I love you for the rest of your life! Being part of such a beautiful commitment is the reason I love making jewellery, whether it be for a wedding, a promise, a gift for a loved one or even yourself. I am grateful to create such lovely adornments for people to wear.

“A very earth green sapphire set into the centre, accompanied by five white sapphires. Tribal details, minimal textures, highlighted oxidation. Inspired by Princess Mononoke”

3) What about your process or materials that are interested or that sets you apart?

My process is completely handcrafted I do not cast any of my pieces they are all developed, formed and created with my hands. I do set all gemstones and create all settings, along with chain and earring components.
It is my goal to maintain a handcrafted vibe with all my jewellery designs.

Any other advice for brides out there looking to be more sustainable in their wedding celebrations?

Check out my instastories @bobbisjeweller where I share my Wednesday wedding inspiration in this series I highlight sustainable ideas and inspirations.


I stand corrected as Erynn explained that her collection exclusively uses white sapphires except for her yellow gold stone band which has three beautiful Canadian diamonds. She considers white sapphire to be her signature gemstone as she believes that the white sapphire is a great diamond alternative. And of course, we pressed on for more information.

4) Why would you say that white sapphire is a better alternative to diamond?

White sapphire is a great alternative to diamonds for a customer that would rather not have a diamond. They cost less for the customer and are a very durable gemstone. Sapphires are really becoming a popular choice in the jewellery industry as the gemstone of choice for engagement rings.

Are white sapphires manufactured or naturally occurring?

White sapphires can be lab created like all gemstones, but I only work with genuine ethically sourced white sapphires.

It was truly wonderful learning more about the jewellery industry and we hope that this gives you more inspiration and knowledge in choosing eco and ethically made products for your #ecowedding. There are a number of us that are always willing to be transparent in the way we run our businesses. Koodos to Erynn at Bobbi’s Jeweller for choosing to be different, eco and ethical!