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Silviyana and Pilipinx Ako are brought together with the common idea of creating a narrative through design of our journey of re-rooting back to our Filipino heritage, while incorporating the culture of the place we now call home. The collection blends Philippine traditional indigeneous textiles with modern design. 

This collection embodies a lot of intent in maintaining the authenticity of traditional textile in its original intended use. Scholars from the Philippines were involved in verifying symbolism that helped in creating a storyline that we can now share with you, and that your gowns stand on its own to share a story of your values and your heritage. Timelessness – is a collection that truly brings elements from our past woven into a bridal gown, while thinking of the future. Our concept of creating a wedding gown that is modular in design will truly keep you loving the collection while you incorporate elements of your heritage to your everyday wear. We promise you that you will love this collection, and continue to enjoy it even after you say, ‘I do’.

PILIPINX AKO is a San Francisco based handmade jewelry and clothing brand that designs modern statement pieces for Pilipinx to reclaim and celebrate their unique kultura [culture]. Utilizing handwoven indigenous Philippine textiles in their creations, PILIPINX AKO hopes that their designs will inspire the diverse Philippine diaspora to reconnect to their heritage and allow for conversation and education about their shared history, while helping to preserve and raise awareness of indigenous Philippine textile arts. “PILIPINX AKO” translates to “I am Pilipinx” in Tagalog.

Owner of PILIPINX AKO, Annalisa, learned to sew as a child from her mother. Always having a keen eye for colorful, striking fabrics and being drawn to the tactile nature of textiles, she returned to sewing as an adult after pursuing a career in Sustainability. She recently learned that some of her Titas [Aunties] had once learned how to weave, which further connected her relationship to textiles and inspired her to incorporate Philippine handwoven material in her designs.

Should you choose to say ‘yes to the dress’ to this collection, instead of opting for a rental dress, we will custom create you a gown – from your very own couture gown – you will be able to choose all the details from fabric type, embroidery yarn to silhouette. Contact us to get your very own gown designed today!

Pilipinx Ako can create any colour gown you would like. The pina and abaca blends are naturally off-white, but we can also make a lighter tone or any tone you’d like. Send us photos and pantone colours of your desired look, and let us handle the rest.  Contact us today!


 All orders will be completed and shipped in sixteen (16) weeks. All purchase orders will be shipped as per purchase order agreement.


 Orders are final and no cancelations and changes are allowed upon order receipt.

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