eco fabrics like no other.


By-product Elegance

Silviyana relies on the faithful trust between scrappers and farmers. This has been a long, trusted relationship between two stakeholders. We hope that in time, we gain the trust of the farmers. All of our scrappers get their fibers from small scale pineapple producers in the province of Southern Aklan. The local variety of this pineapple produces sweeter, and smaller pineapples but with long leaves, that gives us long strands of pineapple leaves as a strong base of our eco fabric. 

Silviyana understands that cash-flow is among the biggest problem in running an independent operation, as such, Silviyana invests in the community directly, by giving scrappers their much-needed capital to do their job. Scrappers are given money up-front; this helps them pay for all their expenses without the worry of day-to-day business expenses.

The process of extracting fiber from pineapple leaf is a manual process that is most kind to Mother Earth. The fibers are first scrapped using a broken plate, then washed in a nearby river and hung to dry. No chemicals, no machinery, just human talent, the sun and the river.


Painstakingly Beautiful

We partner with a women’s cooperative in the Philippines to weave our eco fabrics. Each weaver works from the comfort of their very own home. They are mostly mothers who take up weaving to earn additional fair-wage income for their families. Most mothers that take up weaving do so while taking care of their children at home. We work closely with the cooperatives to offer financial support by building custom looms or exporting looms from North America to help innovate the pineapple weaving industry.
Our eco fabrics are made by first knotting the leaf fibers together by hand. They are then handwoven with spun Mulberry silk or organic cotton, to create different eco fabric blends. Spun silk are not only a natural and biodegradable fabric, but they are also reusing resources. The process of making silk involved a reeling process, after the first reeling process, broken and unwanted fibers are taken and are spun together to create spun silk. A perfect to reuse a wonderful natural, biogdegradable fabric. 


Bespoke, one-of-a-kind

Silviyana is a collective of independent designers from Canada, Unites States and the Philippines. As a designer, the biggest expense is to showcase collections. The expense associated in designing, sampling and constructing a collection can get expensive. Silviyana works closely with partner designers in the design process and provide eco fabrics to test out ideas.
Silviyana has been growing organically for the past five years. One of the the areas that we have grown into is our partner network of embroiderers and beaders. Our independent designer partners needed to find couture embroidery and beadwork and we now have a network of partner embroiderers and beadwork specialists. Laguna is the home of couture and traditional Philippine beadwork and embroidery.