How I loved myself on my very own wedding day

This post is going to be a little more personal, but I wanted to share with you all some of the things that I did for my wedding that I am SO glad I did. 

First, I assigned one of my bridesmaids to my phone for the day. That way if any calls or texts came in, I didn’t have to deal with them. I also asked her to take pictures on my phone throughout the day. That way I immediately had some photos from my wedding that I could post on Social Media and show people before I got our official photographs from the photographer. As an added bonus, I didn’t have to worry about carrying my phone around that day. Side note, I’ve also heard of asking a friend that has a nice camera to take a few pictures throughout the day that you can have before the photographer gets the photos back to you. 

Second, I got a half hour massage on the morning of the wedding. It was awesome. IF anything, it made me stop for a half hour and rest. I hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before and I was feeling very anxious and excited. I HIGHLY recommend finding time in your morning schedule for a half hour massage. Side note, Madarang’s Massage here in the Bay Area is offering 10% off your first massage for new customers if you mention this blog, find her on Yelp or call (707) 536-7684.

We also had an open invitation yoga class in a nearby park on the morning of the wedding. It was really nice to get moving that morning and burn off some of the stress and sleepless night. I really suggest something like a yoga class, but if yoga’s not your thing, find some kind of workout you can do on the morning of the wedding. You would be really surprised at how well it gets rid of the jitters.  And it doesn’t have to be a class. Do a 20-minute workout from one of those DvD’s your mom probably has in the closet or just go for a short jog or walk. Obviously you don’t want to be doing your max workout on the morning of the wedding, but get yourself moving for at least 20 minutes. Trust me, it will help.

Make a getting ready playlist, or ask one of your bridesmaids to make one. Music can really affect mood, and the right playlist will keep you excited and pumped and not bring out more wedding day jitters or nerves. One of my bridesmaids made the one for me, and it was great. I couldn’t tell you what songs were even on the playlist, but it got me excited. 

And finally, don’t drink too much. You’ve likely gotten very little sleep, and there may be so many jitters that eating anything sounds awful! Be careful, a few glass of champagne pre-ceremony can really knock you out if you haven’t slept or eaten very much. Watch your intake of alcohol, and it will really help you to have a great day that you will definitely remember.