Estella grew up in two worlds, confidently walking that delicate balance between two cultures. She is strong, feminine and elegant. Her confidence in her identity and values allows her to confidently show-up authentically. Estalla honours her body, spirit and mind. She is careful with what she wears, her impact and the legacy she will live in this world.

Estella is a ballerina length dress that can strut confidently in a tea party, civil wedding or gala. She is a special occasions dress that speaks elegance, eco-friendly and heritage.

Fabric: Pineapple and Raw Philippine Silk
Design: Seattle, Washington
Construction: Manila, Philippines

Detachable Sleeves, Icicle pattern neckline, Pearl details,

Light Ivory

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Standard Size

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Skirt length

Silviyana & Co. x Em

Size Bust Waist Hips
00 31.125 25.875 33.25
0 31.75 26.625 33.875
2 33 27.375 35.125
4 34.125 28.125 36.375
6 35.25 29 37.50
8 36.25 30 38.50
10 37.25 31 39.50
12 38.75 32.75 41
14 40.375 34.50 42.50
16 42.125 36.50 44.25
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 12.5 × 3 in

Natural Ivory


Silviyana & Co. X Em


Pineapple|Recycled Silk

Eco Fabric Woven In


Dress/Accessory Beading and Embroidery Done In


Dress/Accessory Designed Done In

Philippines, USA

Dress/Accessory Construction Done In


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Collaboration Team

Model: Em Cordon

Photographer: Leandro Lubrico

Shipping & Delivery

All of our gowns use eco fabrics that are farmed, scraped, knotted and woven all by hand. This process is meticulous work and only masters at their craft can produce high-quality work.

As such, we kindly ask that for all standard measurement orders will require 4 months (16 weeks) for production.

Custom and made-to-measure products are assessed on a case-by-case basis, so please kindly reach out to us on estimations. Design and Production can take up to 6 months. We take pride in curating meaningful, well-researched and quality-made products, curating masterpieces take time, we ask that you journey with us through this beautiful journey.