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Carbon Footprint
Care to offset your Carbon Footprint? 7.9kg CO2e

Pinya Florals Fork Hairpiece


Carbon Footprint
Care to offset your Carbon Footprint? 7.9kg CO2e

Pinya Florals is a hair piece that will beautifully pin your hair for the ultimate eco wedding look.  Hand-created in the studio of independent designer, Morija Reeb from Morija Designs. Morija uses natural and eco materials such as sourcing from a local artist for the recycled brass fork, and only using the most premium natural pinya and recycled mulberry silk for her fabrics.
Truly elegant. The use of natural freshwater pearls with ensure that this heirloom will have a classic feel that future generations can wear, appreciate and love.

Fabric; Pineapple fiber and Recycled Mulberry Silk | Swarovski Crystals | Freshwater Pearls | Recycled Brass Findings | Metal Foil
Accessories design and construction: Vancouver, Canada

Natural Ivory

Accessory Size: Recycled brass fork is 3 inches; Packaging: 5×7 inches box


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Fabric Colour

Fork Wires

This is not the fork piece itself, it is the wires that connect the pearls and fabric together.

Custom Design

we work with you to design an accessory that speaks to your character, style, and values (from fabric choice, beading design etc.). We guarantee a perfect fit, and a perfect representation of who you are.

Any significant design elements?

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7.9kg CO2e

Environmental Impact

Carbon Footprint 7.9kg CO2e

Carbon Footprint Breakdown

Material Extraction 5%
Transportation 94%
Construction and Finishing 1%
Use & Disposal 0.00%
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 2 in

Natural White


Morija Designs


Head pieces


Pineapple|Recycled Silk


Freshwater Pearl

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