it is the journey that counts,

Journey with us for

a better world.

the once in a lifetime

We believe that the wedding dress shopping experience is not one you can rush. It is not like you are buying just another t-shirt or pair of jeans. This is the one dress that would represent your union with your better half. 

At Silviyana, we ask you to not say 'yes to the dress'. We ask you to 'journey with us'. 

setting the plot

When we design and curate a gown either in-house or with a partner independent designer, we make sure of only one thing - that the gown is built on a strong foundation. 

The foundation of a solid storyline plot. We believe that this means creating a gown that is built on culture, heritage, and more importantly values.

the characters

The characters in this story are true heroes of a more sustainable and ethical world. 

With every woven fiber strand, a weaver is given an opportunity towards financial freedom. With every pineapple leaf scrapped, we are diverting waste from landfills and breathing new life into what was once discarded in the pineapple farming industry. With every beading, beaders and embroiderers are given an ethical wage, and in some cases sustaining an embroidery technique that could be potentially lost in the transition to fast fashion. 

how will your story end?

We have achieved our goal if you are more enlightened about the possibility of having an eco wedding dress. 

Take back your power as the consumer, use your purchasing power to advocate for what you truly believe in. Learn with us, design with us and let us make this a better world.

not the destination.