Piña, queen of all fabrics

Let us chat a little bit about the pineapple fabric. The piña (pinya) is a traditional Filipino attire, traditionally reserved for the elite and the royals, this fabric is well-known as the ‘Queen of all fabrics”. In 1982, a pina handkerchief was gifted to Queen Alexandra of Great Britain as a wedding gift, commemorating her marriage to King Edward VIII. Now, isn’t that fancy? But Silviyana has worked closely with women entrepreneurs and weavers to modernize the piña fabric and have even created blends of abaca (Philippine banana) with organic cotton, hand-crafted specifically for vegan brides.

In all seriousness though, the piña is an heirloom fabric. The piña fabric turns into a vintage beige that no other synthetic fabric can replicate. Would you opt for a fabric that can stand through the test of time and will be more beautiful through age? Try out our wedding gowns in the piña fabric or better yet, get inspired by the vintage Maria Clara gowns below and text us for your very own custom gown. Beautiful shots and painting by Juan Luna.


Do you want to know more about how a piña fabric is made?

Perfect, if you haven’t seen a pineapple plant before, here is a photo of a beautiful baby pineapple.

A pineapple plant bears one pineapple per plant, and surrounding it are leaves. We take these leaves and scrap off the ‘greenery’, leaving pineapple leaf strands that we then wash in nearby rivers (to conserve water) and hang to dry.

We work with a cooperative in the southern part of the Philippines to hand-weave the pineapple leaf strands into beautiful eco fabrics and vegan fabrics.

Ask us more questions, we are proud to work with the people we work with and proud of the products we have made. Our main mission is to create high quality products that are of the highest quality (great for the skin, the earth, and the people that made it), while believing and contributing to economic empowerment.