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Cater Your Eco-Friendly Wedding with Elevated Plant-Based Cuisine

Dear Brides,

We recognize how stressful it is for our eco-friendly brides to find a catering service that understands your ethical values when planning for your special day. When we discovered Pink Salt Cuisine, based in Southern California, we were thrilled to share their mission with you! 

Carrot lox with homemade cashew cream cheese (yum!)

Pink Salt Cuisine specializes in sustainable, zero-waste events. They work directly with clients to ensure that they are making the best decisions not only for your wedding but also for our environment and community.

“Events have the potential to be wasteful, and we take pride in creating eco-friendly solutions to decrease the carbon footprint of each event.”

Our radiant brides here at Silviyana Weddings are proud to share their sacred moment of union with their beloveds whilst remaining true to their values of compassion and love for all. 

We connected with Joyce from Pink Salt Cuisine to hear more about their amazing story. 

Pink Salt Cuisine Team – Joyce, Hope and Melissa

1) How would you describe the culture behind Pink Salt Cuisine?

When we created Pink Salt Cuisine, it was built on a foundation of respect. The three of us – chef Hope Bailey, Melissa Carter and myself – worked on an event together several years ago and after having a great professional relationship, we formed a fantastic friendship, as well. From the very beginning, we had a tremendous amount of respect for each other and showed the same respect to our team, our vendors, and our clients. It has since evolved to also include respect for our ingredients, the farmers who grow everything we use, animals, and our planet.

2) What excites you most about your craft? 

I love the fact that we’re able to change how people see vegan food. When we started the company last year, we invited planners to an industry tasting and one of the common things we heard was, “I don’t eat vegan food”, but after trying some of our dishes, they were surprised at how delicious everything tasted. Chef Hope has been in catering for over 25 years and has an incredible palate, which has allowed her to successfully recreate a lot of traditional flavors using plant-based ingredients, like carrot lox and crab cakes made with hearts of palm.  

We work with different organizations like Alexandria House (a local women’s shelter) to donate our unserved good, which helps us minimize waste while helping those in need.

3) What sparked the interest of becoming an all plant-based catering company? 

Hope was a lifelong vegetarian and became vegan a few years ago. Having been in the industry for many years, she thought cooking with meat and animal products was inevitable. One day, she met with Melissa and expressed a desire to only cook plant-based meals. That one conversation was the catalyst to starting Pink Salt. They called me soon after, and there was no doubt in my mind that we could launch a 100% plant-based catering company. We all understand how frustrating it can be to go to an event, and the vegan meal is a side of steamed vegetables and rice pilaf, while everyone else is getting an artistically plated entree. We wanted to create something special and give guests an amazing culinary experience, which I believe we accomplished.  

4) Silvyana wedding gowns are hand-made by designers in the Philippines with eco-fabrics such as pineapple leaf fiber and recycled mulberry silk. What, if any, sustainable practices does your company value that makes you unique?

Being plant-based is its own form of sustainability – by not using animal products, our carbon footprint is automatically less than that of a conventional catering company. As much as possible, we use locally sourced and organic produce, and are working towards becoming a green certified caterer. From a production standpoint, we know how wasteful events can be and we try to operate as close to zero waste as possible. If we aren’t using real china or silverware, then we’re only using compostable disposables. We work with great event partners who collect our compostable and recyclable items, and dispose of them responsibly after our events. We also work with local organizations to donate our floral pieces and unserved food  to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Braised fennel with roasted chickpeas, spinach and coconut curry.

5) What special message would you like to send out to all of our brides-to-be?

Enjoy your day and make it your own. There’s something special about creating a day that is a true reflection of your unique personality, interests and values, and on a day as significant as your wedding, you should feel free to share those wonderful things with the people you love.

6) Where can our brides find you? 

We can be found online at, as well as Facebook and Instagram @pinksaltcuisine.