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This is a separates duo that will make your dream of being a modern princess come true. The bottom skirt if a full-flowing tulle ball gown skirt. One that you can use for another soirée filled with champagne and laughter.

The boatneck cut long sleeve French lace has an open back that takes a modern approach to the traditional French lace long sleeve wedding gown.

You can try on this dress on at home. We charge $25 for each dress you try-on at home. Before you go on and add this to your cart, please select your size. If we do not see your size below, get in touch with us at [email protected], so we can chat through your options.

Please tell us the dress style and size you'd like to see available, and any other comments you may have!

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Pure Magnolia separates duo – Danielle skirt and Chloe top

tulle and French lace with organic cotton lining

Two buttons that fix the Chloe top, zipper on back of tulle skirt

Ivory tone 108″/9 ft train and 35″ blusher, no bunching, hand-crafted by LA designer

Model: Alicia Maclaren, Photography: Marketa Sindlerova



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