Women empowerment should be an all year round movement, and hence the Queendom concept was born to create a safe platform to share our collective journey, trauma and healing.

We too, have felt how it was like to burn so deep and passionately for our loved ones, we have felt the trauma of failed relationships. We also have felt heavy from the burden of feeling deep unworthiness. 
As a bridal brand, we feel that it is our responsibility to help you be the best version of you before you extend and eternally love another person.
For those that are hurting or haven't found a relationship with themselves, this Queendom journey is for you.

you are not alone , you are worthy, you are beautiful

and you deserve more.

What does it mean to embody a queen?


When we picture a ‘queen’, we tend to focus on the outward appearance of ‘power’. We envision a powerful outfit, a crown on the head, a gorgeous woman in all her glory. Even when we call out to our ‘queen-friends’, we focus so much on how powerful they are when they have achieved something big. 

We forget that with every success, there are a multitude of failures. To have won the battle, scars and wounds were inflicted from fighting demons. Battle Queen Chrissie speaks openly about her relationship trauma that made her aware of her biggest power - the power of her inner voice.

She wears her battle wounds and scars as a badge of honor and is here to inspire others to truly own their battle journey.

Fashion holds a special place in a women’s heart, and it is time we use this creative medium to share our journeys, embrace our feminine energy and cultivate community healing through the power of vulnerability.

A battle gown is born. Designed by Silviyana designer, Roanne Nonesa, this creation brought an enlightening journey of pulls, nudges, push back, cries and pure joy.

Founder, Seychelle says “Krystl, Chrissie and I have decided to release on IWD because we find it a fitting occasion to remind all the powerful women out there that there is immense power in vulnerability. And that it all starts with having self-compassion"

Happy #IWD2021!


Filipina on the Rise is releasing a special episode to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021! The theme for this year’s IWD is ‘choose to challenge’ and this special episode featuring Chrissie is a vulnerable and powerful dialogue that looks at challenging the cultural and personal dynamic we have with relationships.


Silviyana is releasing a Queendom lifestyle magazine starting Fall of 2021, this won't be like your typical lifestyle magazine. We will be sharing stories of the hidden battles of queens as they unmask their battle scars. We will also be talking about how we can manifest our dreams and aspirations through community visioning. We repeat, this is not going to be your typical lifestyle magazine. It will be more. Dare to take a leap of faith and join us in the Queendom journey!


Do you have a battle queen story? Do you feel a calling to share your story and start the healing process through community vulnerability?

Write to us and we would love to start the conversation.